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For Hayling Island, Hampshire, and indeed the entire UK!

Our Approach

We develop websites using various methods depending upon the required size and features. We start at the basic principles of deciding what the website is for and who it is aimed at. We then determine what features it needs and how it should look and feel before making decisions about the best way to implement it, whether it be HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CMS, WordPress or some other technology.

SEO and Maintenance

When building the site we make sure that pages are named correctly to attract the most appropriate searches, and the most useful key words placed in the right place to attract google results.

Once a website is up and running we can then monitor it's performance and make essential SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) adjustments to ensure that the website performs well in terms of google ranking and also conversions - e.g. getting visitors to purchase goods.

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Common Leys Farm Bed and Breakfast

Recent Website Project: Common Leys Farm

This snazzy little website reflects the look and feel of this B & B / Self-Catering / Camping / Restaurant / Events Venue and working farm. It relies on great photos - a few taken by us, but most by the owners. The site was designed to be mobile friendly with the site adapting to whatever screen it is appearing on.

Common Leys previous site was well established (in that there were many links to it from other sources) but it's dull, dated and uninspiring design and poor search engine optimisation meant that the business was struggling to get guests. After we launched the new look site, it took 2 weeks before there was a single contact form enquiry. But from that point onwards they have been awash with enquiries at an average rate of between 1 or 2 a day. By the end of the first month (April 2013) Common Leys had received over £10,000 worth of contact form enquiries - and possibly many more enquiries by phone. In other words, our website paid for itself ten times over within the first month. Visit Site


Interactive Animations

Animation Technology

We have many years of experience producing animations for websites and other media such as animated backdrops for theatrical productions. Various technologies have been used from hand drawn animation, flash and html5.

We are developing phone apps for IOs and Android and will provide additional links when they become available.

Past Animation Projects

Our James and the Giant Peach (Stage Backdrop) 2D Flash animation has been used in many schools all over the world, allowing children to act in front of a screen with the backdrop changing and animating on cue.

Our Solar System Orrery (Flash application) used on "The Planets Today" website animates the positions of all the planets in our solar system in real time, and allows users to move the display forwards and backwards in time.

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Marketing Videos/Animations

Your Animation Company

If you need a cost effective animation company to create videos to describe your products or services, then hayling Graphics could be what you need.

With technology moving on in leaps and bounds it's getting easier to stream video straight to customers computers and mobile devices. This is now becoming the norm on most websites because video engages with people like no other medium.

Get a video for your business

With our video and animation skills, we can produce a professional video for your website using 2D and 3D animation, live action and music.

Using various technologies videos can also be made to be user interactive with buttons appearing within the animation to encourage viewers to click and visit other areas of your website.

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Print Design


We have many years in designing artwork and producing layouts for printing including: Posters, Leaflets, Brochures, Flyers, Magazine Articles and Adverts, Business Cards, Logos, Letterheads, etc.


We do not do printing in-house but are can organise your print jobs by liaising with local printers and ensuring you get your material printed at at the right quality, the right cost and in the right time scale for your project.


Print Design