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CGI : Computer Generated Imagery

3D Animations

Here are a few of our CG (Computer Generated) 3D animations produced for various international marine engineering companies.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

We can also produce computer generated images, such as the images below. These include product shots and advertising imagery.
Often, creating 3d models of products and producing CGI can often be much more flexible and more cost effective than employing photographers.

  • Wireframe product shot for an Engineering Company - All modelled from scratch in-house.

  • Photo realistic image of pump

  • Photo realistic image of a composite bearing

  • CGI Marine Scene

  • CGI Marine Scene

  • Photo realistic image of pump

  • CGI image of processing plant equipment

  • Photo realistic image of product cabinet

  • Photo realistic image of a waste tank

  • CGI Marine Scene

  • Sectioned view of shaft line equipment

Computer Generated Images and Animation Services

If you are interested in 3D computer generated animations for your advertising or presentation needs, then we provide a cost effective solution.
Please contact us for further information.