Flooring Solutions

Self-Levelling and Smoothing

The self-levelling systems create the smoothest and most visually pleasing finish. They are robust enough to handle the demands of not only heavy foot traffic but also in areas of pallet truck movement.

Fast Installation

Prior to the Weber Flooring Systems being introduced you would have to undertake a programme of several days and close off various areas to the other trades whilst existing flooring systems were installed, therefore prolonging the construction programme.  By introducing the Weber Flooring Systems into the construction programme we can achieve higher productivity therefore reducing overall costs.

Installation and Logistics

Using the multiple techniques of installation, Global (M&I) Flooring Solutions Ltd products can be installed on a variety of size contracts, ranging from as little as a few square metres, through to several hundred square metres. Installation methods rely heavily upon a clean substrate, for example, ensuring that all deck plate welding has been addressed and the area concerned has been well prepared prior to any installation procedures. Once preparation is complete we can then begin the installation process of applying the necessary primers and screeds. The curing time depends on ambient air temperature. We aim to achieve 2-4 hours curing time for the flooring system to withstand foot traffic, and 1-3 days for final covering. The higher the air temperature, the faster the curing time, the colder the temperature the curing process will take slightly longer.

Engineering Solutions

Technical Expertise

Global (M&I) Flooring Solutions Ltd, being one of the UK’s Accredited Weber Marine Floor Contractors (AWMFC), can achieve what used to be the unachievable. All our engineers have undergone extensive training, not only on Technical Solutions but also on Installation Procedures.

Demanding Applications

Global (M&I) Flooring Solutions Ltd carry a vast range of Flooring Products to cater for all marine and industrial demands, whether it be a Self-Levelling system, a Thermal Flooring system with Underfloor Heating, Acoustic Flooring systems or Lightweight Flooring Systems. Lightweight systems are specific to the marine industry as weight is a key factor in all marine construction programmes. We can also offer A60 Solutions to Steel or Aluminium where Fire Boundaries are of the utmost importance.

Benefits Summary

The benefits of Global (M&I) Flooring Systems products are:

  • Certified Products and Accredited installation.
  • High Strength materials to handle any interior traffic
  • High Flexibility of materials to avoid cracking
  • Pumpable solutions for Rapid Installation
  • Low Shrinkage which results in fewer shrink cracks
  • Lightweight Solutions with highest surface strength than any comparable materials on the market
  • Ultra-Lightweight Solutions which are only product in weight range also suitable for vinyl covers
  • Rapid Drying with little disruption of the work flow on site
  • Complete Product Portfolio for all uses, including Waterproofing and Epoxy Solutions
  • Worldwide Organization for local assistance wherever your projects may be

About us

"Global (Marine & Industrial) Flooring Solutions Ltd is a newly formed Company, devised by the founders of Global Insulation (European) Ltd - our leading international marine and industrial insulation company based in the UK.

With over two decades of experience within the marine and construction industry, we recognise the negative impact that lengthy, access restricting processes, such as flooring installation, can have to any construction programme.

After working closely with Weber Saint-Gobain, a leading international supplier of innovative solutions to the marine and construction sectors, we became impressed with the capability that their products provide. Using fast curing Weber Saint-Gobain products, not only can floored areas be accessed within hours, but their range of products can often provide simpler or more cost-effective solutions than traditionally used to solve many other engineering problems.

Global (M&I) Flooring Solutions Ltd was specifically formed to work closely with Weber Saint-Gobain to provide a quality service with cost effective and efficient results. We are proud to be accredited to work with Weber Saint-Gobain Marine Products.

Decades of expertise in marine and industrial insulation combined with close support from Weber Saint-Gobain provides the assurance and confidence of our engineering excellence."

Lindsay Gowers
Company Director