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Infographic / 2D and 3D Animated videos

We can create videos like the following video which allow you to get a lot of information across to your web visitors in a short but powerful and entertaining way. Website owners are finding out that by simply including a video such as this one on the front page can improve conversion rates by up to 6 times.

3D Animation and Marketing Videos

We have the expertise to produce marketing/web videos for your business or project at the right cost.

3D Animations to Show off Your Products

The following 3D computer animations were produced for Wärtsilä - a global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets. These videos were created using FreeCAD to convert customer supplied models into a suitable format. Blender 3D software was used to modify the models, and apply materials and textures and then perform the 3D animation and rendering. Adobe After Effects was then used to add special effects and 2D textual animations.

Animated Text

This page shows examples of our work. The first is an example of animated text to a music track. This type of animation provides a punchy and dynamic way to get your message across.