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Infographic / 2D and 3D Animated videos

We can create videos like the following which allow you to get a lot of information across to your web visitors in a short but powerful and entertaining way. Website owners are finding out that by simply including a video such as this one on the front page can improve conversion rates by up to 6 times.

Animated Text

This page shows examples of our work. The first is an example of animated text to a music track. This type of animation provides a punchy and dynamic way to get your message across.

Voice over videos

Here is one of our voice over videos on the subject of tax investigations.

If you would like us to develop a marketing video, or a series of marketing videos for your website, then please contact us for more information.
We can produce these professional videos for far less than competitors in the market place and can also produce high quality animations either using new artwork or photographs of your products or staff.

3D CGI Animations

If you have a product or range of products to present of advertise, then a computer generated product shot or 3D animation could be exactly what you need. Some firms - such as Ikea and car manufacturers use computer generated imagery in preference to photography or film because it allows them more flexibility and can also be much cheaper. For more information, visit our 3D CG Animations page.