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The question everyone asks is "How much will it cost?".

Unfortunately there is no simple answer. A simple 1 page "Here I am, please phone me" website can cost from as little as £100. A more complex ecommerce site with multiple pages and features can cost much more. It all comes down to how much time we need to spend on it. This means your simple 1 page website could cost a lot more if you needed complex illustrations and animations to make the site work. It also means a website can cost much less if you already have great images, logos and text to hand.

You're the Boss

In the end it normally comes down to a business decision - what is my advertising budget, and how do I want to spend it. Whatever your decision we can discuss with you your business needs and design a website to do what you need to do and at the right cost.


We can provide you with a single page website or a multi-page ecommerce site by customising existing templates. If you who want to update the website yourself, and are familiar with using the internet, we can design the site using a CMS (Configuration Management System) that allows you to log onto the site from your own computer and edit area of the site using "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editors.

We can also provide websites which require more functionality that can only be achieved by server side programming such as PHP and a SQL database.

With mobile phones and tablets becoming ever more popular, it is now becoming more important that websites are responsive to the screen size and platform they are being viewed from. We can design fluid websites that change form depending upon the viewer ensuring that your website looks great on the smallest phone and on the largest PC.

If your company always has new products and promotions, a blogging site may be essential since continually updated blogs can get googles attention like no other. Linking blogging sites into social media sites like twitter and facebook can help to create a storm of publicity for your news.

Graphics, Photography and Animation

The range of graphic design tools allow us to manipulate imagery to make the biggest impact. We provide product photography facilities as well as video and animation production facilities. All of this means we can turn your website vision into website reality.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There are many companies that believe that optimising a site to get good google rankings is about using agencies that promise to increase your rankings by creating links to your site in return for hard cash. It's true that this can get results, but we believe that the first place to start in getting high rankings is in producing a well structured website with optimum usage of keywords and images. A website that gets results from "organic" searches rather than paid advertising or links is a strong website.

The next step is to make sure that there are enough high value links to your site by finding posting links onto high ranking free business listing directory sites.

Maintaining a websites rankings is often a job that requires continual monitoring of traffic, maintenance of problems and tweaking of keywords and layout. We always recommend that a new website should undergo continual improvement, especially in the first year or so after launch, in order to get the maximum value for money from the site.

Google Adwords

Advertising using googles adwords and other methods can be useful for some applications, especially where there is a large amount of competition for high value customers. We can evaluate the costs and manage your google adwords account to get you the most bang for your buck.


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Recent Website Projects

Global (Marine & Industrial) Flooring Solutions

Global Flooring Solutions

This mobile website was designed to replicate the Global Insulation website which is it's sister company. Using the same layout, this site will be expanded as additional Marine and Industrial flooring contracts are completed by this company.

Visit Site.


Focsu Commercial Cleaning

Focus Commercial Cleaning

This mobile website was repeat work for another Hampshire based sister cleaning company.

Visit Site.


Global Insulation (European)

Global Insulation

Global Insulation are a very busy local firm that provide insulation services to Marine and Industrial sectors all over the world. This site provides a brief brochure of the wide variety of services they offer, but without going into specifics.

Visit Site.


Candy Scrumptious Bouquets

Candy Scrumptious Bouquets

This is an ongoing ecommerce site selling candy and chocolate bouquets. Development of this site has involved us in all aspects of selling including logo design, product photography, ecommerce interfaces, as well as setting up supporting social media sites on facebook and twitter, and interfacing to google's merchant centre.

Continual SEO work has ensured that this website ranks well against the many competitors in the market place without spending a penny on paid online advertising.

Visit site.


Ale-ing Fest Website

Ale-ing Fest - Hayling Island Beer Festival

A site to advertise this annual Beer Festival. Specifically designed to be updated by the festival organisers with additional coding to help manage the display of sponsors, beers, breweries and associated logos.

Visit Site